"Centurions" - Gabriel Jesus goal



'Centurions’ is a piece of Manchester City history captured forever and one that will be a defining moment in the Blues history - admit it you didn't think it would happen!

Created by Manchester City fan, Ron Kirwin, ‘Centurions’ is a unique piece that celebrates Manchester City becoming the first team ever to reach 100 points in a Premier League season. Having broken records almost every week in the 2017-18 season Manchester City needed to win on the last day to be that 1st 100 point team

A game of frustration on the south coast at Southampton meant that the game was goalless going into injury time - typical City so near but yet so far

Then in the 93rd minute (have we been here before) the ball is played long and young Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus places the ball over the goalkeepers head and into the net.

The fans, players and even Pep went wild - Centurions!

The print is A2 (420mmx594mm) in size onto 300gsm fine art paper and personally signed by the artist. Please note the print is unframed.

This print was created by artist Ron Kirwin and is not official Manchester City merchandise.


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