Don't Look Back In Anger by Don Price and Sean Riley


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It’s that man again, Don Price, the legendary ex Chairman of the monster Prestwich and Whitefield branch of the  Manchester City Supporters Club, has now produced his third book, titled ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ in conjunction with ‘Super Blue’ and KOTK contributor Sean Riley.

Don’s managed to track down ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ - “they seek him here, they seek him there” another legendary Blue, broadcaster James H. Reeve who’s done the Foreword.

It’s a fans experiences book, and chapters include Don and Sean’s thoughts on growing up as Blues, Don’s time in the Royal Navy, recollections of Maine Road, and particularly The Kippax, with opposition fans’ views.

There are chapters on away days, Wemberlee memories, why we all hated Leeds with a Leeds fan’s view and City fans’ Liverpool experiences.

City captains from Roy Paul to Vinny Kompany are included, plus there’s a memorial chapter where Blues fans pay tribute to their departed Blue loved ones.

Have you seen the fella who wears the Scottish Tam ‘o Shanter with the ginger wig? It’s all explained in the book, plus Norwegian Tor Sonsteby explains how the Scandinavian Branch of the supporters club came about and how it’s expanded over the years.

Phill Gatenby, former Blueprint contributor and ‘This Charming Fan’ fanzine editor has penned his thoughts on supporting City from the Alan Ball era to the present as featured on the front cover. Finally, your very own KOTK editor was coerced by Don to do some proof reading and also to produce an article, which is duly included on Typical City, with hopefully a few things City fans may be unaware of. 


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