Welcome to the Ginger Wig's February 2021 City Quiz

1) Burnley's Nick Pope conceded the first goal City scored in February, who scored it?

2) A 4-1 victory over Liverpool was City's first win at Anfield since when? Was it 2001, 2002, 2003?

3) During February Pep achieved the milestone of 200 victories as a City boss - which team did we beat?

4) City played in Budapest in February, which football movie was filmed in Hungary with the matches played at a stadium in Budapest?

5) Two away trips to Liverpool produced two wins over Liverpool and Everton, the first time this has happened since when?

6) Who scored City's only goal in the away trip to Arsenal?

7) True or False - City conceded in the game against Tottenham?

8) Which player missed a penalty v Liverpool?

9) How many letters are there in Gladbach's full name, both words?

10) City's win versus West Ham was their 20th win in a row but how many games is that unbeaten in total?

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