Teenage Kicks by Andrew Waldon and Phill Gatenby



There wasn't much to cheer about for Manchester City fans during the mid-1980s. With the Club's coffers empty following a disastrous series of signings at the start of the decade, City seemed in decline as attendances dwindled and interest waned.

The only relief from the gloom came in the form of a talented crop of youngsters that arrived at the club from 1983 onwards. Fourteen teenagers who would go on to accomplish something supporters had waited 33 years to achieve.

Producing one's own players has always been an emblem of pride for football supporters. Established in 1953, the FA Youth Cup has always been the litmus test of a club's youth policy. Until 1986 Manchester City had reached the final twice but actually winning the trophy had proved to be a step too far.

Teenage Kicks is the story of how 'The Class of 1986' won the prestigious trophy for the first time in the club's history and using both exclusive and archive interviews, it describes how the team came together and details what became of each of the fourteen teenagers from that point onwards.

Reviewed by atticusfinch1048

This book is well written and as well as interviews with the players and their families they use archive newspaper reports as well as old football programmes. Unfortunately there is no TV or video recording of the game only the memories of those who were there and the declared crowd of 28,000 and personally I swear there were far more there but who am I to disagree with the then Club Secretary Bernard Halford.

This is a must read for all Manchester City fans and those with a general interest in football as it not only tells the story of the tournament and the work that Tony Book and Glyn Pardoe did with the team but what happened to them after their life at Manchester City. This is from the time when if you wanted to make it in professional football your choice was either City and have real opportunity to play professionally or waste your time at United. Alex Ferguson copied the set up at Manchester City to bring through his class of 92.

I went to a reunion of this team while reading this book and the one injustice was finally put right when Andy Thackeray when he was finally presented with his winners tankard. The years may have aged them but the memories were still fresh and that comes through in the book.


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  • Colin Macrow


    Teenage Kicks

    A book that I would recommend all Blues should read, those of a certain vintage will be aware of the successful 86 FA Youth Cup winning side but maybe not the back storey of all those involved. The highs & lows of that winning squad after the final and their subsequent careers make for interesting reading, most would know the stories of the likes of Paul Lake,David White,Ian Brightwell and Andy Hinchcliffe but maybe not those of John Clarke, David Boyd,Steve Macauley and the late John Bookbinder. An Obvious labour of love for the Authors & a cracking title which deserves to reach a wide audience .